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TechniComponents B.V. takes your personal data seriously and wants to be transparent in how we secure your data. In our Privacy Policy, you will find more information about the legal basis and what data we collect and how long.
However, this article is more about the specific security measures we have taken.

Secure connection
As soon as you access our website, a secure TLS connection with modern algorithms is set up with your web browser and our servers. You can recognize this by the lock in the address bar. As a result, all your personal data (and other information) will be sent to us encrypted.
Always check that is listed as a domain name in your address bar.

Data processing and storage
As soon as you enter personal data, it is encrypted using industry-standard encryption software, even before the data is stored in the database.
As a result, backups are also encrypted at all times. For passwords, we use a strong one-way hash, which means that the password cannot be traced back.

How we prevent SQL injections
Without protection against SQL injection, hackers could potentially gain access to a database and thus steal personal data.
All our database queries are parameterized and input is checked beforehand.

Data Center
The physical servers of TechniComponents B.V. are located in Bit's data center in Ede, they secure our servers by means of:

- Cameras, both outside and inside;
- Burglary protection system;
- 2 independent surveillance services;
- Redundant connection to control room;
- Dual authentication with RFID access passes and iris scanners;
- VEB certified, security class 4;
- ISO/IEC 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Monitoring and Access
All our servers run antivirus/malware and IDS (Intrusion Detection System) software.
Only service technicians from our hosting provider have access to the physical server.
Only TechniComponents employees with the highest account level can view personal data upon request.
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